Quite simply, Sugar H↑ is not Georgetown Cupcakes, yet we’re professionals & unique. We understand the importance of producing the highest quality products possible. Hence what you get from us has been carefully created by a master artisan, thoroughly vetted by us, and professionally packaged.


Our friendly delivery drivers will come in a certain window of time. They will communicate with you via text both to confirm delivery and when they are en-route. Also, they always wear uniforms with our company logo, ensuring your comfort and safety.


Sugar H↑ strides to provide excellent service from beginning to end. It's all about YOU, we are in the business of making you happy figuratively and literally 



It's what's on the inside that counts
We just love baking !
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**Sugar Hi is in full compliance with Washington DC’s Initiative 71. By viewing this page you acknowledge that you are over the age of 21.  Sugar Hi is an online baked goods store. Marijuana  that comes with our baked goods are offered as a GIFT and is NOT for sale !  **


Everywhere in DC 






Initiative 71